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Events in Umbria

Every year numerous religious, historical and cultural events related to the traditions and history of the region are held throughout Umbria.

Cultural and wine and food events

nocera umbra

Highlights of the cultural events taking place in Umbria during the year are, among others: Umbria Jazz at Perugia in July; Eurochocolate at Perugia in October; I Primi d'Italia at Foligno between September and October; the Truffle Market Exhibition at Norcia during the last weekend of February and first weekend of March where you can eat Norcia black truffles; Festival of the Two Worlds in July; Trasimeno Blues at Lake Trasimeno at the end of July; Agosto Montefalchese at Montefalco in August; Frantoi Aperti (open oil mills) from the end of October to 8th December 2011; Cantine Aperte (open wine cellars) in May; the Festa delle Acque (waters festival) at Nocera Umbra each August which renews the town's spa heritage; the National Truffle Market Exhibition at Valtopina during the last two weeks of November.

Events in Umbria


Every year numerous art and culture events , some of them world famous, are held throughout Umbria. Among the most well-known are Umbria Jazz, held at Perugia in the first part of July; Eurochocolate at Perugia in October; I Primi d’Italia at Foligno in September/October; the Festival of Two Worlds in July; Trasimeno Blues at Trasimeno Lake at the end of July.


Historical re-enactments in Umbria

giostra della quintana Foligno

All over the region there are historical re-enactments: one of the best known is Foligno’s Giostra della Quintana (Quintain Joust), in which the ten rival districts of the town defy each other in a seventeenth century tournament (held in June and September); the Mercato delle Gaite ( Gaite Market) in Bevagna in June features medieval trades; the Calendimaggio held the first Friday, Saturday and Sunday after May 1st; the Festa dei Ceri (Feast of the Candles) at Gubbio, every 15th May on the Feast of Sant'Ubaldo; La Corsa all'Anello at Narni, dedicated to the patron saint and held between the last week of April and the second Sunday in May; the Palio dei Terzieri at Città della Pieve is held 11-20 August; at Montefalco the Fuga del Bove (ox race) takes place mid-August each year; St Valentine is celebrated on 14 February at Terni .

I Primi d'Italia at Foligno


I Primi d'Italia, the celebration of first-course dishes at Foligno (September-October) spotlights two themes, farm produce and the town's squares, palaces and taverns.



Segni Barocchi at Foligno


Segni Barocchi, Foligno’s Baroque Festival, has become one of the region’s most important events. Original and stimulating theatrical and musical events are presented each year, selected from the best productions both in Italy and abroad.



Enological Week in Umbria


Montefalco is famous for its Sagrantino, by now an internationally recognised wine. Enological Week and the grape harvest festival with allegorical floats and wine tastings take place in September.


Carnival in Umbria


Foligno’s Baroque Carnival with various celebrations, both sacred and profane, commemorates events of the 16th and 17th centuries. The carnival at Sant'Eraclio near Foligno is of a more traditional type, with lots of floats and stock characters, and the whole population taking part.


Trevi in Piazza


Trevi in Piazza in August offers open-air shows and concerts.




Incontri per le strade (Street encounters)


Spello’s Incontri per le strade (Street encounters), held in August, features a wide range of important cultural offerings and shows. Each year the review features an exhibition dedicated to a contemporary artist of international renown.



Genius Loci


Gualdo Cattaneo hosts the Genius Loci festival featuring music, food and wine in July and August.



Market Exhibition of Ancient and Rare Prints and Books

mostra mercato libro antico

In Foligno, the days dedicated to Dante studies are of great historical and philological interest, along with the Market Exhibition of ancient and rare prints and books; and in November the Giornate dell'Olio (oil days) are an occasion of scientific interest.



Humourfest at Foligno

humorfest Foligno

Humourfest is the international humour review that brings the most biting satirical artists to Foligno every two years in the months of May and June.



The Feast of the Ceri (Candles) at Gubbio

ceri di Gubbio

One of the oldest, if not the oldest, folkloric event in Italy. It still plays a fundamental role in the life of the residents of Gubbio, and takes place in Gubbio each year in May.


The Festival of Nations at Città di Castello

festival delle nazioni

The Festival of Nations was created in Città di Castello in 1968 with the aim of highlighting the artistic heritage of the Upper Tiber Valley and claiming a place among the prestigious cultural events of Italy and Europe. It is held every year from late August to early September.


The Saint Valentine Marathon at Terni

maratona di S.Valentino

Every year Terni celebrates its patron saint with the St Valentine Marathon. This national running event departs from the grounds of the Casagrande sports facility and is organized by the ACLI Tinarelli Sports Union.


Cantine alla Ribalta at Orvieto


Each year during July-August the town of Orvieto holds the food and wine review 'Cantine alla ribalta' (Cellars in the Limelight), featuring guided tours of the wine cellars along the Etruscan-Roman wine road.


Good Friday

Il venerdì santo a Montefalco, Bevagna, Orvieto, Assisi, Gubbio

Good Friday observances with processions and dramatizations are held in many places: Madonna della Stella (municipality of Montefalco), Bevagna, Montefalco, Orvieto, Assisi, Gubbio

Feast Days

feste padronali

Feast days to honour a town's patron saint are wholeheartedly celebrated with colourful processions involving most of the population. Among the most well-known are the Feasts of San Feliciano at Foligno, the Illuminata at Trevi and San Venanzo at Gubbio. Feast Days usually conclude with a grand fair and market.


Corpus Domini and Infiorata at Spello

infiorata a spello

Another very well-known event is the feast of Corpus Domini at Spello, called the Infiorata, in which the streets of the town are covered with flowers during the night by the skilful hands of hundreds of young people who have gathered thousands upon thousands of brightly coloured flowers from the surrounding fields and hills in the days before the festival.


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