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Hotel in Umbria

Ti presentiamo una selezione di Hotel in Umbria accuratamente scelti dal nostro staff per offrirti una vacanza o una permanenza confortevole nella nostra regione. Scegli o richiedici informazioni sull' Hotel in Umbria che preferisci.

Hotel Assisi Umbria HTLAS01

Hotel in Umbria a Assisi 3stelle
foto n 1

The hotel is in the heart of the historic centre at Assisi. It is situated in an historic 16th century patrician palace and was converted into a hotel in the early part of the 20th century. It was built on ancient Roman foundations, where the hotel restaurant now is. It is still possible to admire the original architectural structures, from the spacious central hall to other indoor elements. Near the restaurant it is possible to admire a Roman well dating back to the second century AD. Guests can enjoy the experience of staying in a place that has been home to famous figures for centuries, contemplating the marvellous frescoed vaults as they fall asleep, or perhaps imagining they are travelling back in time.

assisi bed-and-breakfastmezza-pensionepensione-completa

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Hotel Bevagna Umbria HTLBV01

hotel in Bevagna in Umbria 3stelle

Established in 1995 as a farmhouse inn and converted into a three-star hotel complex in 2000, the facility blends both its renovations and its new buildings harmoniously into the unspoilt Bevagna hills. Situated at an altitude of 325 m and only 2 km from the centre of Bevagna, the hotel gives you the pleasant sensation of being far from the reality of daily life yet still within easy reach of everything. It offers an exceptional view of the historic towns of Bevagna, Assisi, Spello, Foligno and Montefalco, all only a few minutes' drive away. There is a brand new wellness centre where guests can pamper themselves and relax.

bevagna bed-and-breakfastmezza-pensione

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Hotel Bevagna Umbria HTLBV02

hotel in Bevagna in Umbria 4stelle

The hotel is situated in the historical centre of Bevagna in an ancient cleverly restored 17th century building which overlooks the remains of a Temple and Roman Theatre above which small houses were built in the 14th century and which later, in the 16th century, became the noble residence of a well-known local family.
The walls of the building enclose a splendid hanging garden full of colour and pleasant perfumes.

bevagna bed-and-breakfastmezza-pensione

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Hotel Foligno Umbria HTLFL01

Hotel in Umbria a Foligno 3stelle

The hotel is situated in Foligno's historic centre, in a car free area but with free access for hotel clients. It is housed in a recently renovated centuries-old patrician palace. The hotel offers guests a wide range of amenities: lift, rooms with bathtub or shower, suites with whirlpool bath and sauna, telephone with possibility of fax, mini-bar, colour satellite TV, air conditioning.  Free parking. The restaurant, with its charming and refined ambience, offers an excellent choice of Umbrian specialities.


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Hotel Gubbio Umbria HTLGU01

Hotel in Umbria a Gubbio 4stelle

The hotel is situated in Gubbio and is a cleverly extented and restored 17th century monastery. Gubbio is a town surrounded by nature but it is also centrally placed within Umbria. The hotel is a historical building dating back to the Middle Ages and is part of the local history, it has also been home to religious communities. The structure is secluded but at the same time very close to the historical centre; it perfectly combines old stone environments, modern comforts and modern Italian furnishing. The new health farm and spa is not to be overlooked as it provides a real and true oasis dedicated to psycho-physical well being, where you can relax and enjoy the perfumes and essences of the area.

gubbio bed-and-breakfastmezza-pensionepensione-completa

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Hotel Montefalco Umbria HTLMF01

Hotel in Umbria a Montefalco 4stelle
villa di frontepiccola

The hotel is in Montefalco, close to the city walls on the northern side, with a splendid view towards Assisi and Perugia, secluded in beautiful park-like surroundings with centuries-old fir trees, cedars and cypresses. Gabriele D’Annunzio, moved by the seemingly infinite vista of the surrounding landscape from Montefalco, called it "a city of silence" where "it seems heaven itself illuminates the countryside". From Montefalco the view easily takes in hills, woods, rivers and towns: Assisi, Perugia, Spello, Foligno, Spoleto, Bevagna, Trevi.


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Hotel Norcia Umbria HTLNR01

Hotel in Umbria a Norcia 3stelle

Only 300 metres from the historic centre of Norcia, in beautiful green surroundings, the Best Western hotel Salicone is one of the most advanced accommodation facilities in Umbria. The hotel has a garage and parking area, a lift (down to the garage level), garden, open air swimming pool, tennis court, fitness centre, fitness trail, children's playground, soccer and five-a-side fields, gymnasium, meeting room. It is the perfect place for those who want comfort and tranquillity, just a short walk from the town centre in a leafy green oasis.  No pets allowed in the hotel.

valnerina bed-and-breakfastmezza-pensionepensione-completa

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Hotel Perugia Umbria HTLPG01

Hotel in Umbria a Perugia 4stelle

The relais is a splendid building situated on a knoll and commanding a panoramic view of unequalled beauty, from Perugia to Assisi, to Spello, Foligno and Spoleto, in a luxuriant natural setting amidst the olive groves and vineyards so abundant in the area.
This unique property enjoys one of the most beautiful positions in Umbria. It was established in complete harmony with its natural surroundings and with the utmost attention to the services and amenities offered to guests, such as the wellness centre where you can relax and be pampered.  Seclusion, calm, harmony, together with comfort and beauty, are the principal features of the relais.


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Hotel Perugia Umbria HTLPG02

Hotel in Umbria a Perugia 4stelle

Four-star hotel, close to the historic centre of Perugia, only 2 minutes away by minimetrò.
Its enviable position means it can be reached by any means of transport: it is 800 metres from Perugia's main railway station, 12 km from the Umbria international airport. The historic centre can be reached on foot (uphill) or by bus from the stop in front of the hotel. Swimming pool with whirlpool bath and sun lounge, entrance free.

perugia bed-and-breakfastmezza-pensionepensione-completa

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Hotel Spello Umbria HTLSP01

Hotel in Umbria a Spello 4stelle

Situated in the historical centre of Spello in an old building, the hotel is a place where history, traditions and art live alongside new technology thanks to balanced restoration interventions creating exclusive and refined, sober and elegant environments for a stay with an antique touch .    
The building, first used as a hotel in 1992, has paintings by Benvenuto Crispoldi and its architectural style is greatly marked by intermediate and mezzanine floors and numerous niches.


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Hotel Spoleto Umbria HTLSP01

Hotel in Umbria in Spoleto 3stelle

The hotel is in the historic centre of Spoleto in Piazza Collicola. Completely renovated to obtain four-star rating at the beginning of 2011, the hotel is located in a 17th century edifice, next to the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art and opposite the Theatre in Piazza Collicola, the very heart of the town. Wooden beams decorated with coats of arms, terracotta tiled floors and a centuries-old fireplace, always alight on winter evenings, offer guests an atmosphere of bygone times, homelike and refined at the same time. There is a convenient private garage so guests can enjoy the historical and architectural attractions of Spoleto with complete peace of mind, and an inviting sauna and lounge area where they can relax after their tour of the town.

spoleto bed-and-breakfastmezza-pensione

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Hotel Todi Umbria HTLTD01

Hotel in Umbria a Todi 4stelle

The hotel is set like a gem on the crest of a hill between Perugia and Todi. The picturesque, centuries-old village built around the Castello di Poggio, which dates back to the 10th and 11th centuries, with its imposing tower and lovely little church, overlooks the vineyards and olive groves of the fertile Umbrian countryside.
The restoration of this luxurious relais has encompassed most of the village of Canalicchio, a splendid, unspoilt oasis of peace where only the twittering of birds disturbs the restful stillness.  
Inside, the historic and rural origins of the place are evident; it still clearly maintains its castle-like structure and boasts a massive, beautifully preserved millstone, the old oil press and some fine arches that bring back the atmosphere and charm of times gone by.


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Hotel Trevi Umbria HTLTV01

Hotel in Umbria a Trevi4stelle

The hotel-relais de Charme is located in the historic centre of Trevi, a picturesque medieval walled town on a hillside, surrounded by olive groves, between Foligno and Spoleto just off the Flaminia state highway. The Antica Dimora della Rocca complex is made up of two adjacent 17th century buildings, Palazzo Valenti and Palazzo Urighi.  Trevi, the town that typifies olive oil, offers all you could want from a hotel for a holiday full of harmony.  The charm of the ambience and the furnishings, the state of the art modern comforts, the attentive service, all put the hotel undeniably into the top bracket of high class accommodation.


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